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Our head office is currently situated in Opole, ul. 1-go Maja 9, room no. 93. Moreover, individual activities with specialists (speech therapist, psychologist, occupational therapist) take place there as well.

After many years of efforts, finally in spring in 2003 we managed to sign with Opole Province the occupancy agreement of the premises at Jagiellonów 53. However, the premises require a total rebuild which we are planning to commence in spring in 2008.

Therefore, we are looking for companies as well as private entities that would like to help us with fulfilling our dream i.e. building a lively centre where supporting development and rehabilitation of children with Down Syndrome would be conducted from birth to their maturity (i.e. motor rehabilitation, specialist consultation, individual pedagogic and logopaedic therapy, support and help for parents, therapeutic common room for mentally disabled children, different forms of out-of-school activities).

It is obvious that the beginnings are the most difficult - but we've made it!

Our Association cooperates with an architect, Mr Miros³aw Palej, who, since 2004, has been working in his studio TECHNO-ARCH on the project of rebuilding our head office in order to meet the needs of our Association.

Our initiative is supported by other people and companies. We would be very happy if you would like to join us. We will appreciate every kind of help!

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