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In this section we would like to present information about the children and adults with Down Syndrome being members of our Association. You will meet their closest family, learn about their interests. You will get to know how their development and rehabilitation progressed, what they did and did not manage to achieve.

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Alinka S.

Alinka S.

Alina - this is my youngest sister, born on 28th May 2001.

Alina is a very nice and adorable child. She likes to hug and kiss other people. Our whole family loves her very much and cannot imagine life without her. Linusia, as we call her sometimes, loves pets especially her cat.

Alina attends public kindergarten in Z³otniki. I must admit that she loves going there and has great relations with her mates, they always help her with daily activities in the kindergarten. She is adored there and nobody minds the fact that she is different than other children.

We, being her family, do not treat Alina as a disabled person because she is totally agile. Alina deals with everything properly and surprises us with something new every day.

Alina is a great sister and even a young aunt. If we didn't have her, our home would be very sad.

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