Material support

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

As a non-governmental organization based solely on free payments and donations from natural persons and companies, we would like to ask you for material support. We will be grateful for every single gift.

We need particularly:

  • building materials, windows (see the Project and Head Office)
  • finishing materials (parquetry, floor and wall tiles, bathroom equipment etc.)
  • interior equipment (tables, chairs, mattresses, lamps, wardrobes and cupboards, desks, carpets etc.)
  • rehabilitation equipment - mats, circuits, rehabilitation balls
  • didactic aids - computer programmes, educational books, logopaedic and pedagogical games, stationery - crayons, paper, scissors
  • didactic toys - bricks, jigsaw puzzles, books with stickers and capital letters, interactive toys etc.

Thank you for even the slightest support!

In case of any questions - ask our Board - we will answer them immediately.